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5 Ways Pittsburgh Can Support Its Furry Friends This Weekend

Megan Harris
Megan Harris
Posted on June 29   |   Updated on July 11
Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, July 1, 2022

Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, July 1, 2022. (Anadolu Agency / Getty)

By Megan Harris and Francesca Dabecco

Pittsburgh has been proudly hosting fans of fur culture for close to two decades. Anthrocon, the annual convention celebrating anthropomorphic animal characters through art, costume, writing, and more, is estimated to bring 10,000 furries Downtown this weekend. Here are five ways to respectfully furry watch Thursday through Sunday.

🍻 Share Your Table

Condado and Scarpino share a sidewalk along 10th Street with the Westin, where Anthrocon is based. Call ahead or get there early to reserve your spot.

📣 Be Chatty!

Most people love to tell you about their passions, and folks who love fursuits are no different. Check for their preferred name right on their convention badge.

💵 Support a Furry-Friendly Business

There will be food and drink specials Downtown all weekend. Show your appreciation by spending your money at one that supports our furry visitors.

🎉 Get in the Game

Check out the convention itself, the fursuit parade on Saturday at 2 p.m., or other events like a sightseeing Gateway Clipper river cruise.

💛 Be Kind

Furries love Pittsburgh. As Mister Rogers would say, be a good neighbor and love them back!

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