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Meet The Team

There’s a lot to love about Pittsburgh. We’re diverse, boisterous, and fraught with some of the most pressing issues of our time. None of that diminishes Pittsburghers’ deep passion and pride for our city, whose story is still being written. Every day, you’ll hear from the team highlighting what makes this beautiful, complex city we call home just a little bit better.


Megan Harris
Lead Producer

A place in my city not enough people know about:
West End Overlook. I love it so much I got married there <3

The best TV show about the ‘Burgh:
I loved the thoughtful and meticulous way ABC’s “Downward Dog” portrayed us and our passions. Every scene was a love letter.

Something we do better than anywhere else:
Win championships.


Francesca Dabecco
Newsletter Editor

A place not enough people know about:
City of Asylum. It’s part book store, part restaurant, and part event venue providing refuge to writers who have been exiled from their own countries.

Where I’d take you to eat in the ‘Burgh, and what I’d order:
Bae Bae’s Kitchen in Downtown, Pittsburgh. I’m ordering the japchae noodles, crispy tofu with plum sauce, and a side of cucumber kimchi.

The tourist trap in town that’s actually great: Pittsburgh’s inclines. Everyone has to take a ride on the incline when they visit town.

Mallory Falk
Audio Producer

Where I’d take you to eat in the ‘Burgh, and what I’d order:
Apteka, to eat all the vegan schnitzel our hearts desire.

Something we do better than anywhere else:
Throw a fry on it.

Best book about Pittsburgh:
The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook. It’s chock full of recipes for your next Pittsburgh wedding, or just for your personal enjoyment.